Spoilers for Emmerdale: Chloe faces a terrible death in a harrowing hospital dash

Chloe goes back to the hospital (Image: ITV)

After just avoiding a devastating Emmerdale death, Chloe (Jessie Elland) is now in danger of dying again, which is fortunately for Mack (Lawrence Robb). Now that she is gone, he wants to move on with Charity (Emma Atkins).

Despite discovering he had cheated on her and then knowing he had chosen to let her die in the automobile crash, Chloe has continued to give him chances. Nevertheless, in spite of her sister Amy’s (Natalie Ann Jamieson) objections, she still wants to start a life with him.

Conversely, he desires Charity. Charity subsequently made the decision to express her actual emotions for Chloe, even though he had expressed his love for her while she was in a coma.

Chloe is about to have another (albeit perhaps less literal) fall as Mack and Charity attempt in vain to ignore their emotions.

Charity makes the decision to go to Scotland in order to get away from her affections for Mackenzie, but he won’t have it. He lies down in front of Charity’s car and blocks her escape. He nearly seems like a romantic.

Chloe gives out. (Image: ITV)

Mack promises to push Chloe and devote all of his attention to Charity. After giving the concept some thought, Charity informs Mack that she is in favor of it.

Break Chloe’s heart is the first stage in the strategy. Mack readies himself to deal the last blow to the unfortunate, patient, and compassionate young mother. However, Chloe passes out on the ground before he can.

Watching Mackenzie take his comatose fiancé to the hospital astounds Charity. Is he expecting that she would pass away and solve his problem?

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