Video spoiler for Coronation Street: Ed exploits Norris to perpetrate fraud and will pay a high price for it.

In order to keep gambling, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) discovers a gap in the schedule for forthcoming Coronation Street episodes.

About the time Leo Thompkins’ body was discovered on the property the Bailey brothers had purchased, the builder experienced a relapse in his addiction.

Ed’s actions recently came dangerously close to locking Michael (Ryan Russell) up. Ed hid some cash in a bag that his kid unintentionally picked up after he won a wager.

Michael was questioned by DS Swain (Vicky Myers) on his role in Stephen’s (Todd Boyce) scheme to steal the factory’s entire bank balance as he made his way to Underworld in an attempt to win his job back.

Ed’s addiction is becoming unmanageable (Image: ITV).

While Michael was doing his best to convince Swain that he was innocent, the detective saw the cash—which didn’t seem good—as he opened the bag.

This latest footage shows Ed slamming his laptop shut just before Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) walks in.

He’s feeling tempted (Image: ITV)

When Ronnie looks at the television, suspicious that Ed is gambling, she discovers that Ed is seeing a Wendy House that Glory has received for Christmas.

Given that there aren’t enough cash in Ed’s account, Ronnie is understandably interested in learning how his brother plans to pay for it.

Ronnie leaves after turning down Ed’s request to withdraw funds from the business account, believing his brother is attending a GA meeting in the afternoon.

Ed then calls StreetCars and arranges for a cab to take him to the local casino.
When visiting the Casino, the player will ultimately use a credit card addressed to Norris Cole, a past resident, decreasing the likelihood that Ed’s loved ones would find out what he’s been up to.

However, the addiction worsens as long as the gambling is done.

When will Ed realize that he must give up?

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