As he returns to government, Danny Dyer’s epic “t***” tirade against David Cameron reappears.

Danny Dyer has been calling David Cameron a t*** for a long time, and we’ve lived rent-free in our brains. He’s the political pundit the world needs.

After the former prime minister disappeared from public view, the dust had hardly cleared when he abruptly reappeared as Foreign Secretary, bringing everyone back to the controversial video in the process.

After Cameron’s nomination was revealed in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet reorganization, the footage of Dyer’s epic tirade reappeared and went viral.

During Christmas 2018, Danny, whose character Mick Carter from EastEnders, went missing at sea, made an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He was seated opposite Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party.

The conversation quickly veered into Brexit, and Danny delivered one of the most famous pop-culture moments of the last several years when he went on a tirade and called David Cameron a “t***.”

“I’m not sure what f Brexit is,” Danny said to the panelists and moderators. “seeing Question Time is like seeing a comedy!” Nobody is aware of what it is?

“What happened to David Cameron, the t*** who called it on?” He went on. He’s got his trotters up in Nice! He ought to be made to answer for it. He needs to answer for his actions! *****!

Danny was launching into a colorful tirade against the outgoing prime minister. (Image: Getty/REX)

Social media users have turned to Twitter and X in the wake of today’s (November 13) news to remind one another of Danny’s well-known outburst.

One user captioned a video of the notorious tirade, saying, “Now that David Cameron has mysteriously returned, it’s time to appreciate this great Danny Dyer moment.”

With a laughing emoji in response, one of their fans quickly expressed their amusement: “It’s the last “t***” at the finish for me.”

After seeing the video, a user responded to the news of the cabinet shift by writing, “So, David Cameron is back, you say?” Cut to Danny Dyer’s sharp analysis of the man.

Another person said, “Nobody sums up David Cameron quite like Danny Dyer.”

Another person responded to the announcement of David Cameron’s appointment in another thread by writing, “Danny Dyer is not going to be happy,” and adding two laughing emojis.

Suella Braverman lost her job as Home Secretary in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet change, and James Cleverly took her place.

Jeremy Hunt has retained his role as Chancellor in the government, although Nick Gibb and Neil O’Brien have resigned as Minister of Schools Standards and Junior Health, respectively.

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