Due to TikTok, Natalie Cassidy’s “balls exploded” at EastEnders

The urge to join TikTok was felt by Natalie Cassidy (Picture: Getty)

Icon of EastEnders Everyone can finally find Natalie Cassidy on TikTok, but it took a lot of convincing.

Since her 1993 début, the 40-year-old actress has delighted viewers with her portrayal of Sonia Fowler on the BBC soap opera, which brought her renown.

Even while Natalie used social media extensively, she maintained that there was one site she just couldn’t find the time for.

She disclosed on Instagram Stories, rolling her eyes, “I’ve got my balls smashed at work and I’m now on TikTok.” I don’t have much time, so don’t expect much.

That’s the essence!

The soap opera actress has posted a link to her TikTok page, which contains three videos as of right now.

Her most recent one included her using the widely used filters while watching Strictly Come Dancing.

“Just catching up with Strictly at the moment,” she remarked. Only experimenting with my filters.

“Isn’t it a funny old thing?” I see why everyone is crazy.

Natalie just had a dramatic hair makeover, lightening her black hair a much lighter shade.

She made the decision to see the hairdresser again in order to restore her previous appearance, despite the encouraging comments from admirers on social media.

Natalie in EastEnders as Sonia Fowler (picture courtesy of BBC)

The actress posted a photo of her new appearance with the caption, “To everyone who’s said lovely things about my barnet, thank you but I’m changing it back.”

“I’m glad I gave it a shot, but I simply don’t feel like myself!” Before joking, Natalie said, “My poor hairdresser!”

Natalie, who has been praised as an all-around legend, recently shared an uplifting post on social media to declare that 2023 will mark her thirty years of playing Sonia.

Actor Cillian Murphy was featured in a photo that Nat uploaded on Instagram. The Oppenheimer star was quoted below, saying, “A director informed me that it takes 30 years to develop an actor.” And I think so too. In addition to learning your profession and craft, you also need to experience life and everything it has to offer.

Natalie just added, “30th year as Sonia,” underneath it, expressing her agreement with Cillian.

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