Emmerdale spoilers: In the criminal drama, a furious Nicola will permanently cut Bernice off.

Nicola is enraged (Image: ITV)

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, there’s a mystery: where is Samantha Giles’s character, Bernice Blackstock?

The co-owner of the B&B has disappeared from the community when it was discovered that she has been accruing enormous debts.

Bernice has tried to transform the B&B into the most fashionable boutique attraction in the Dales with her upscale preferences, but it doesn’t come cheap. Her budget for scented candles alone has been amazing. Meanwhile, suppliers haven’t been paid, as Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is about to discover.

Bernice borrowed £20,000 out of desperation, but she registered it under her sister Nicola King’s (Nicola Wheeler) name. Debt collectors came to confiscate the Kings’ belongings when she neglected to make the installments, which infuriated the lending firm.

Instead of accepting the chaos she’s created, Bernice runs away, leaving no one to know where she is.

Don’t they? Nicola becomes concerned as soon as she sees that Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) is attempting to be casual.

She has good reason to be wary as well, as Cathy is assisting a scared Bernice who is holed up in Brook Cottage. She worries that Nicola will denounce her to the authorities, which may result in her being imprisoned.

Jimmy lends Nicola his support (Image: ITV)

As Bernice cowers behind drawn curtains, Cathy informs her on what’s going on in the community, but Nicola soon figures out where she is.

Bernice is cornered, and her first inclination is to flee, but her sister stops her. At last, she must confront Nicola and acknowledge all that has transpired.

Nicola is not going to back down in the face of Bernice’s justifications and explanations; instead, she is going to notify the police that Bernice obtained a false loan.

Bernice’s only chance of survival is if she agrees to Nicola’s offer. Will Bernice agree and avoid going to jail?

We can be certain that Samantha Giles will be departing the show to focus on other projects, regardless of what Bernice chooses or what Nicola has in mind.

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