Once more, Helen Flanagan brutally mum-shamed a Playboy selfie.

Mum-shamed Helen Flanagan for advertising a Playboy line (Image: Shutterstock)

After her most recent photos left no room for interpretation, former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan was once again the target of harsh mum-shaming.

The 33-year-old Rosie Webster actress frequently updates her fan base on her life as a mother, and she just posted some fresh photos on her Instagram page as part of a sponsored promotion.

Helen, wearing a see-through mesh dress and a black lace bra, was beaming as she posed for pictures.

The soap opera actress revealed to her admirers that she was endorsing the fashion line Miss Pap, which specializes in playboy-themed ensembles.

And although many complimented Helen on her appearance, others voiced their indignation that, as a mother, she would take such a picture.

One critic said of the actress, “I love you, but these pictures seem a little desperate.” You don’t have to appear cheap because you are gorgeous. The children you have don’t need to witness this. Honor yourself.

“I used to enjoy your page, real life, etc.” said another. It appears that now it’s all about the likes.

“You should see the Secrets of Playboy program,” said a third person. I think you’re a fantastic mother and role model, and it’s unfortunate that you support something that is so harmful to women.

But a great number of people disregarded the trolls and complimented Helen profusely, many remarking on how fantastic her figure was considering she had three children.

Despite their breakup last year, Helen and her football player fiancé Scott Sinclair still share co-parenting of their three children, Charlie, 2, Matilda, 8, and Delilah, 5.

The actress and her former lover Scott are parents to their children (Image: hjgflanagan on Instagram).

According to The Sun, Helen and Scott were engaged for four years before splitting up when she departed to begin filming I’m A Celebrity in South Africa.

A source informed the publication at the beginning of November of last year: “She’s into all things spiritual and got a sense so she sought instruction from a psychic medium.”

“Scott and Helen made a sincere effort to improve their relationship, but in the end, Helen interpreted the ring shattering as a bad omen, suggesting she shouldn’t get married.”

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