Significant Coronation Street storyline inadvertently revealed in star’s Instagram photo

After being taken over by Waterford’s, fans of Coronation Street have been left wondering what the future holds for the cherished Rovers Return Inn. However, a recent Instagram post by actress Claire Sweeney has confirmed that the bar will be left in good hands.

The upcoming season of Dancing on Ice will feature Claire, who portrays Cassie Plummer on the ITV soap opera, as a competitor. Claire just revealed her partner for the competition.

As astute viewers will have seen, though, the image did more than simply reveal that Claire will be teamed with professional skater Colin Grafton.

The name Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is visible above the door in the rear of the picture, indicating that she will still be the pub’s licensee when it reopens.

The tavern is still boarded up on screen while renovations are being done, however producer Iain MacLeod has stated that it will reopen during the holidays.

It won’t be closed for very long. It actually reopens on New Year’s Eve, I believe. What’s interesting about it, though, is that the circumstances surrounding its reopening are all connected to Stephen’s legacy, and someone will likely do something that is, at most, mischievous or even slightly illegal in order to obtain the keys and reopen the pub.

It will thus reopen, but it will do so on the somewhat flimsy basis of—let’s say—a criminal conduct.

Since everything is centered on this wrongdoing that they did before the end of the year, I imagine that viewers will be asking, “Okay, so the pubs are open, but what calamity will strike the person who’s permitted that to happen?”

We didn’t want it, I guess, to simply reopen and act as though nothing had occurred. We intended for it to reveal a type of hidden bomb beneath it, which we plan to detonate at a later date in the year.

The Rovers will continue to be managed by the same people, and the refurbishment won’t significantly alter the interior’s appearance.

It won’t look drastically different either because, in addition—I don’t know about you guys—I believe that some sets—while I’m not saying they should never change—shouldn’t be modernized, gastropub-ified, or transformed into a chain pub. In fact, I feel strangely protective of Deirdre’s wallpaper at number one.

“I do believe that the Rover’s interior design will be slightly changed.” However, overall, I quite enjoy how it now looks and feels. It will therefore reopen with a somewhat identical appearance, but its ownership situation will be far more complicated.

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