Spoilers for Emmerdale: Rhona gets the shock of her life when two contentious figures show up again

Marlon divulges his mystery (Image: ITV)

The fact that her ex-husband took her embryos and used them to have a child with her is a major secret that Emmerdale’s Marlon (Mark Charnock) has been withholding from his wife.

After being tricked by Gus’ wife Lucy into believing that keeping it a secret would be the best course of action for safeguarding Rhona (Zoe Henry), Marlon decided to do so. However, the truth is now readily apparent and desperate to come to light.

He tells Rhona, at the worst possible time, that he ran into Gus and Lucy, who is pregnant, in the hospital.

At first, Rhona is immobilized by the shocking revelation of Gus and Marlon’s treachery.

However, she visits Ethan the next day to obtain legal counsel. Marlon informed Lucy and Gus that the child was hers. However, Ethan (Emile John) breaks the terrible news: it wouldn’t be worth it to pursue the legal battle.

Rhona is persuaded to talk with Gus by Marlon and Mary (Louise Jameson), but when he doesn’t come up, she resolves the issue on her own. She goes to his place and finds him packing suit cases in preparation for a quick getaway.

When Rhona confronts him, she is shocked to see Lucy, who is quite pregnant, there.

Lucy has to be driven to the hospital by Rhona (Image: ITV).

Lucy’s waters break and she collapses over in pain as the two women’s argument intensifies.

Displeased She has to be driven to the hospital by Rhona. Will she make an effort to defend her child?

Speaking on Rhona and Gus’s reunion, Zoe Henry remarked, “It’s awful, because he’s lied and he’s stolen.”

In a scenario where they are attempting to explain what has happened, April clarifies it by saying, “Oh, so he’s a thief.” Yes, that’s what he is, but that’s not what we’re designating him as. She is furious and volatile, just as you would be. No, she said. He did make an effort to act morally, follow the proper procedures, and get authorization. She gave it a great deal of thinking before saying no.

Naturally, he just went on and completed the task nevertheless, which is fraud and encompasses all the actions you should avoid. She is enraged, and it’s really explosive.

Zoe remarked, “I believe she is a kind person with the nature of her profession and what sort of person she is,” thinking back to the day when Rhona took Lucy to the hospital.

She may speak bluntly and have a large mouth, but her heart is in the right place. She’s probably only thinking about following her instincts at that time, which are to make sure Lucy gets to the hospital and the baby is delivered safely, and nothing else.

Everything gets somewhat rote. She almost enters veterinary mode, which is terrible because it’s obvious that the infant is not an animal. She starts to think very practically.

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