Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb “exposes their killer secret,” terrifying Kim and Cain.

Caleb recognizes a chance. (Image: ITV)

After his earlier attempt to unseat Kim (Claire King) in order to exact revenge on her father failed, Caleb (Will Ash) is now desperate to bring about Kim’s (Claire King) downfall.

That was the main reason he came to Emmerdale in the first place. He now learns something that might enable him to carry out his original plan.

However, a major wrench is in the works, and it takes the form of Cain (Jeff Hordley).

When Caleb learns that Kim was involved in Craig’s (Ben Addis) death, he believes he has struck gold.

When Craig’s death is brought up, he detects a subtle shift in behavior that seems to point toward guilt, and he latches onto it like Kim’s horse does.

Caleb uses the knowledge of this damning information to make fun of Kim. Kim, who does not take well to taunts, snaps at his charges and scolds him, unintentionally proving that she does, in fact, have something to hide.

Kim is irate. (Image: ITV)

When the moment Caleb has been waiting for finally comes, he is rubbing his hands with delight as Kim tells Will (Dean Andrew) about their earlier near-miss, not realizing that Caleb is listening close by. Her guilt is no longer in doubt.

Although Caleb tells Nicky (Lewis Cope) about this information, he can’t shake the uneasy feeling that Cain may be involved. He finds his brother and questions him about his activities that day, and he is not incorrect.

Cain realizes he’s only inches away from having his secret exposed. In his attempt to destroy Kim, Caleb is going to cause Cain a lot of trouble. Is he going to ruin his brother too?

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