The daughter of Natalie Cassidy, who is a “mini me,” astounded viewers of EastEnders.

Fans were doing double takes when they saw Natalie’s daughter (Picture: Getty Images Europe)

The EastEnders star’s selfie of herself and her daughter, who looks just like her, has her fans scratching their heads.

The actress, who gained popularity as Sonia Fowler on the BBC One soap opera, is the mother of two daughters: Eliza, born in 2010, and Joanie, born in 2016.

Joanie is the daughter of Natalie and her fiancé Marc Humphreys, while Natalie shares Eliza with her former partner Adam Cottrell.

The cameraman proposed to Natalie in 2015, and the two have been together for nine years.

Natalie was feeling festive on Instagram in her most recent video, and she invited everyone to join her.

But as she was speaking with her fans, Joanie was spotted dozing off on her shoulder, with the Muppet Christmas Carol playing in the background.
The video was captioned, “It’s not too early to embrace Christmas,” by her. There are a ton of movies. Numerous books and melodies. Kindly relish it. I would begin listening to magic soul in January if someone told me that Easter was the only time they were available. Savor the generosity, sharing, and kindness.

“The thoughts of those who are not as fortunate as you.” the “season” in which one serves others. making dinner for a lonely person. Giving. I would love for Christmas to last all year.

No, she continued. Not for gifts. Not for glitzy attire or décor, though those things are also amazing. But what truly makes Christmas the best time of year is the simple thoughts of others. Enjoy your weekend and consider doing a good deed to brighten someone’s day.

Many of Natalie’s admirers noted how much Joanie resembles her mother as they expressed their gratitude for her optimism.

Someone retorted, saying, “Your daughter is your double 🙂.”

“Your daughter is very like you…beautiful 💜,” said another in agreement.

“Heartily agree!” echoed a third. How amazing that your daughter looks just like you!

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