Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy and Caleb explore passionate temptation, and Nate suffers heartbreak.

The union appears to be a far-off memory. (Image: ITV)

Not too long ago, we were treated to an Emmerdale nuptial, in which Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) were the surprise groom.

The ceremony went well even though the groom’s confused father Cain (Jeff Hordley) abducted him before the wedding.

As they exchanged vows, Tracy said to her partner, “I was so lost without you.” “But I promise never to let you go again.”

We might have to remind her of these lines because in upcoming episodes, none other than her husband’s Uncle Caleb (William Ash) will turn her head once more.

During the special “Dingle Court” week of episodes, there was a flashback where Tracy went to Caleb’s house to protest against him taking Nate with him when he went to beat up Amit for saying homophobic things to Nicky. She informed Caleb that Nate wasn’t to be taken advantage of because he was his nephew and his employee.

When he found a fiery, angry woman in his kitchen, Caleb kissed her. To be fair, before that, the two of them had exchanged meaningful looks with one another on a number of occasions.

Is Tracy getting too attached to Caleb? (Image: ITV)

Tracy gave him a passionate kiss in return and said, “This Must Never Happen Again.”

Since then, they have made an effort to keep apart, but it is difficult in a small village, particularly given their familial and professional ties. When Nate asked Caleb to assist Tracy in finding a business mentor, he unintentionally made matters worse.

Nate is clueless. (Image: ITV)

Tracy was compelled to remind Caleb that she is married and that this must never happen again. He assured her that he respected both Nate and her, and he vowed never to try anything else.

Tracy looked slightly regretful about that, far from being pleased.

She will continue to struggle with her feelings for Caleb in the upcoming episodes. She can’t help but be attracted to him, even though she’s furious that he’s been giving Nate advice on how to win her back.

Is Tracy going to do something that could seriously violate those vows of marriage? And how will the Dingles respond if they find out that Caleb might be about to ruin Nate and his relationship?

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