Spoilers for EastEnders: A “sealed” exit storyline sees Cindy facing a return to prison while she covers up a new “murder.”

Cindy might be returning to prison. (Image: BBC)

In upcoming EastEnders scenes, Michelle Collins’ character Cindy Beale may have to return to prison if she decides to fill in for her ex-husband George Knight (Colin Salmon).

When George snaps at rapist Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) during a heated confrontation and sends him hurtling down the Queen Vic stairs, he’s going to get himself into a lot of trouble.

This occurs after Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) attempt to bring Dean to terms is rejected, and things only get worse when Cindy and Ian (Adam Woodyatt) insist that Dean give up control of the company.

As they rush to Dean’s lifeless body, Cindy, George, and Linda are in complete shock. Cindy quickly calls for an ambulance.

But when she acts as though she wasn’t aware of what happened, Ian is left speechless.

When Ian learns that she intends to fill in for George, he becomes enraged.

He pleads with her to think again at the hospital, pointing out that if her lies are discovered, she might have to go back inside.

Cindy is naturally appalled by the idea of having to return to prison since she lost 25 years of her life trying to avoid going to jail in the first place.

She chooses to come clean with the police after Ian convinces her to.

George, meanwhile, is in trouble of his own since it comes to light that he is serving a suspended sentence, which means he has the possibility of returning to jail.

Desperate to keep her future stepfather out of jail, Linda acts independently.

What would happen to George and Cindy if Dean passes away following his fall?

And what exactly is Linda going to do?

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