Eden Taylor-Draper, star of Emmerdale, says that her sister’s cancer diagnosis has made her family “much stronger.”

Eden Taylor-Draper, an Emmerdale star, said that her family has become closer as a result of her younger sister’s cancer diagnosis.

The 26-year-old actress, who portrays Belle Dingle on the popular ITV soap opera, spoke candidly in 2020 about her sister Francesca’s tragic struggle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which she was diagnosed with at the age of 14.

Eden, who claimed that the war has strengthened her family’s bonds beyond measure, was forced to miss a month of Emmerdale in order to spend more time with her sister.

Eden has since continued to advocate for the Teenage Cancer Trust, appearing in a movie that the organization produced in response to an urgent plea for donations.

Speaking with Eden alone, we learned how her family helped one another through the trying times.

“It’s very difficult when something like that occurs in a family,” the woman stated. We’re fortunate to have united and provided mutual support to one another.

For my sister to be able to converse with people, and we were given the choice to do the same. In fact, it strengthened and bonded us even more than it had before.

In the soap opera, the actress plays Bella Dingle. (Image: REX)
When Francesca was diagnosed, she had just turned 14 (Picture: Instagram/ITV)

In 2021, Francesca disclosed to Lorraine that, at one point in time, 97% of her blood cells were discovered to be cancerous, meaning that only 3% of her blood cells were considered healthy.

Even though she didn’t have much energy and other symptoms were “generic,” she had “excruciating” pain in her legs before learning she had cancer.

In addition to highlighting the “huge toll” that having cancer had on her mental health, Francesca also mentioned how, at the age of 14, she “wanted to be independent,” much like other teenagers her age.

97% of Francesca’s blood cells were discovered to be cancerous at one point, she revealed (Picture: ITV).

Eden discussed how her perspective has been altered by her sister’s diagnosis, saying, “It goes to show the little things don’t matter.” As you point out, humans constantly gripe about the most absurd and random things, but we also have a lot of luck and blessings.

When something like that happens, it really hits home how valuable life is.

“So, yes, it has altered my perspective.”

Eden became an ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust after learning of her sister’s diagnosis. The organization has just released a fundraising campaign called “Stop Cancer Destroying Teenage Lives.”

Eden responded, “She’s great, she’s finished treatment and she’s thriving,” when we asked how Francesca was doing at the time.

“I’m feeling thankful.”

The ‘Stop Cancer Destroying Teenage Lives’ fundraising campaign by Teenage Cancer Trust makes sure that young people with cancer receive the critical support and care they require.

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