Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn, who is pregnant, is found in agony, and her baby terrorizes her

Things shift swiftly. (Image: ITV)

A few months ago, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) on Emmerdale announced they were expecting a baby together, to their delight.

Dawn previously had a son named Lucas, for whom Billy recently obtained legal guardianship. In addition, Lucas’s sister Clemmie is taken care of by the couple.

Dawn first met Clemmie when she went to her friend’s funeral. Dawn returned home to find her partner, Jade, sleeping in a dog bed and neglected.

Dawn and Billy were successful in adopting the little girl after learning that Clemmie and Lucas share the same father.

There have been many difficulties in caring for Clemmie at Home Farm, and she reacted negatively when she learned that Dawn was pregnant. She was certain that Dawn and Billy wouldn’t want her around.

Future episodes will center on the nursery as Clemmie and Lucas come to terms with the prospect of having a second sibling.

The family is busy organizing things because Dawn’s baby is due around Christmas, but Dawn and Billy feel a little bit quashed by Kim (Claire King) over their ideas for decorations.

Rhona is available to assist (Image: ITV)

Later, Dawn comes up to Kim, and when she asks if she’ll be her birthing partner, Kim is overjoyed.

Plans to give birth at home and make sure everything is as organized as possible might be abandoned when Rhona (Zoe Henry) discovers Dawn in agony and rushes to get Liam (Jonny McPherson).

Is she, however, in labor?

Is the baby arriving sooner than anticipated?

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