Emmerdale spoilers: A troubled Rhona is drawn in by a new baby, putting her marriage to Marlon in jeopardy.

Rhona just found out about Gus and Lucy’s secret (Image: ITV)

Once Rhona (Zoe Henry) learned about the baby born from her stolen embryos in Emmerdale, she was thrust into an unworkable situation.

When Marlon (Mark Charnock) eventually acknowledged that he had run into Gus and Lucy and learned they had stolen embryos and were expecting a child, she was astounded.

Rhona was appalled by Marlon’s treachery. After hearing this terrible news, Rhona set out to stalk Gus at his house, but when she saw them carrying bags and clearly preparing to pull a bunk, she became aggressive.

Lucy unexpectedly went into labor, but Rhona faced the two.

Now, as Rhona struggles to comprehend the theft of the embryos and the reality that Marlon’s deceit has left her marriage in shambles, she receives the devastating news that Lucy passed away during childbirth.

Rhona is unsure of what to do (Image: ITV).

Now that the baby born from her embryo is in the intensive care unit (ICU) in critical condition and has no mother to take care of it, the veterinarian is facing the worst kind of emotional struggle.

She rushes to the hospital in the hopes of meeting the baby, and it appears she is considering becoming involved, but she is setting herself up for failure because she has already been informed that a lawsuit against Gus is unlikely to succeed.

Does Rhona, though, think that since Lucy isn’t involved, things have changed?

Rhona tracks down a nurse and makes a valiant effort to learn more about the baby’s condition, but she’s shocked to learn that Gus has already arrived at the hospital, foiling her plans.

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