Spoilers for Coronation Street: Malevolent bullies accuse helpless Liam of a crime

Liam discovers that he is confined (Image: ITV)

Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall) and Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne) are both living miserable lives in Coronation Street because of school bully Mason (Luca Toolan).

A few weeks prior, Dylan initiated a paper round in an effort to distance himself from Mason. Although Mason saw it as an opportunity to close Dylan down, it was a constructive way to make money. The act of grabbing the papers and tossing them into a puddle was sufficient to cause Dylan to lose his job.

Next, Dylan is questioned by Sean (Antony Cotton) regarding his missing trainers.

Liam waves to Dylan as he leaves for school, but Dylan gives him the cold shoulder, and Gary (Mikey North) notices the rude behavior.

Dylan alerts Mason in the hallway to Sean’s plan to report the missing trainers, so Mason and Conch take action and inform Mrs. Crawshaw that Liam took them!

Liam realizes he’s been stitched up when Mrs. Crawshaw opens his locker!

For weeks, Mason has been harassing Dylan and Liam (Image: ITV).

After the naive teenager shows Dylan the offensive texts he’s been getting from Mason, Dylan advises him to block the number.

A vengeful Mason discovers Liam at school and threatens to harm Maria (Samia Longchambon) if he betrays him to Gary once more.

When Dylan gets home, Gary and Maria offer him some money and advise him to take Liam to the movies in order to put the past behind them.

Dylan apologizes on the way for the incident at school, but a terrified Liam runs away from Mason.

Dylan, Mason, and Liam’s other friends surround him as he enters Victoria Court, calling him a rat and throwing garbage at him.
Mason begins to take pictures, but Liam knocks the phone from his grasp, which makes the bully take out a knife.

Will Liam be saved by anyone as things get worse?

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