Spoilers for Coronation Street: Amid suspicions of cheating, Nina confides in Asha

Nina expresses her thoughts (Picture: ITV)

Tanisha Gorey’s character Asha Alahan has just begun her paramedic training in Coronation Street, and she is enjoying it. It’s opened her eyes to a whole new world, and she’s clearly excited to share her day with her girlfriend Nina (Mollie Gallagher) when she gets home.

Asha is especially thrilled about one thing: Isla, her new coworker.

Tanisha Gorey informed us that “she is paired with this amazing paramedic who has been there for years.”

“She’s seen it all and knows exactly what she’s doing.” I believe she’s so ecstatic and overwhelmed that she almost feels like an idol to her. Asha aspires to be like her. Asha aspires to know everything and do everything that she does.

Though Asha hasn’t yet realized the impact this is having on her, Nina can’t help but notice that Isla’s name keeps coming up, even though she is happy for her girlfriend and wants to support Asha in her new career.

I believe Asha to be a very considerate girlfriend. Tanisha thought, “She’s really focused on Nina and pays close attention to her.” But because she’s so enamored with the work itself, I don’t think she steps back and asks herself, “Is Nina taking this the wrong way?” She doesn’t even think about that, in my opinion.

Asha is preparing to become a paramedic (ITV photo).

It makes sense that there might be a rift if your spouse is returning home and continuing to talk about the person they work with the most.

Nina can’t help but feel envious when Asha tells her that Isla will be spending her day off with her doing homework, and that they will have dinner together after.

At last, she comes to the realization that she needs to express to Asha how uneasy she is about the circumstance. She is reassured by Asha that she and Isla are just friends and that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Does Nina think that will suffice? Or might her envy cause a rift between them?

Tanisha advised being cautious as it might affect the well-liked duo.

“I believe that’s the potential point of contention,” she cautioned.

“Why are you creating a problem?” asks Asha. I’m only collaborating with this woman. If Asha is unable to see the issue, then they will likely topple over each other and have a terrible explosion because they are fighting for different causes and are having arguments about different topics in their own minds.

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