Spoilers for Emmerdale: Ryan takes a significant gamble that could have a big impact

The ramifications of Ryan’s actions are extensive. (Image: ITV)

In recent Emmerdale scenes, James Moore’s character Ryan Stocks was given a shocking revelation when he found out that he was father to a son via Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis).

Gail didn’t tell Ryan about Oscar until she found out that he was dealing with a potentially fatal illness.

It was disclosed that Oscar’s adoptive mother had communicated with Gail, informing her that he required a stem cell transplant and that the only things standing between him and Ryan were her and Ryan.

Ryan was shocked and incensed that Gail had kept it a secret from him when she eventually revealed the information to him.

Oscar asked to meet his biological parents, who had both consented to be tested; Gail was more than happy to oblige, but Ryan flatly refused.

Gail and Ryan visited Ryan after he eventually warmed up to the notion of meeting his son.

They soon received bad news, though, as Ryan’s test results showed that he wasn’t a match, making Oscar’s chances of surviving even less.

Gail and Ryan will sit down to talk in-depth about their son in future scenes.

With everything going on, Gail encourages Ryan to talk to her about his concerns for Oscar, and it soon becomes apparent that Ryan is finding it difficult to accept his son’s estrangement.

Ryan is discouraged from contacting Oscar via social media when he thinks about it, as Gail worries about the repercussions.

But Ryan ultimately decides to disregard the advice and tries to get in touch with Oscar.

Wide-ranging effects will result from his actions, but will they be positive or negative?

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