Emile John reveals that a dramatic new Emmerdale storyline will see Ethan’s life “implode.”

The collapse of Ethan’s life is imminent (picture: ITV)

Thus far, we’ve seen lawyer Ethan Anderson (Emile John) in Emmerdale as a sober, responsible individual. Because of his reserved, uncontroversial way of living, his former lover Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) has even called him “boring.”

We may be about to witness a different side of him in future episodes, but hey, he’s a lawyer after all, and standards must be upheld.

Emile John told Inside Soap that “a certain situation is a catalyst for Ethan completely having his life implode on him.” “At first, he has to do certain things out of necessity to get himself out of trouble.”

Emile mentioned that even though Ethan’s actions are initially a response to what is going on around him, they may cause a significant shift in his personality.

“I wonder if he began to enjoy playing the part of a slightly bad boy.” I’m excited to record that on camera!

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that Charles, Ethan’s father and the vicar of Emmerdale (Kevin Mathurin), possesses a darker side. This came to light when Victor (Eddie Osei), his own father, was allowed to leave prison and came to the village in an attempt to make amends with his wife Claudette (Flo Wilson) and integrate into the family.

We learned that Eddie’s criminal past had destroyed Charles’s childhood and caused terror for Claudette. As a result, Charles saw an opportunity to get rid of Victor and took it, putting stolen goods on him. Victor passed away from a brain aneurysm shortly after.

Charles has allowed his son and mother to continue thinking Victor was at fault. On the Inside Soap Awards red carpet, Emile John revealed to us that the Anderson family’s secret was still simmering beneath the surface.

Victor’s guilt has been made apparent to Claudette by Charles (Image: ITV).

He told us, “I think [Ethan] will find out.”I believe he will have some things to say about Charles framing his own father in order to make him appear guilty as soon as he learns of this.

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the event that triggers Ethan to adopt the persona of “bad boy,” but it’s in his DNA to conceal a violent side beneath his collected demeanor, much like his father and grandfather did. Emile is excited about the novel’s plot.

Even though he has enjoyed playing Ethan thus far, he thought, “I’m looking forward to playing something different because it’s been kind of the same vibe.”

Since humans have many facets, it would be interesting to explore Ethan’s darker side.

He expressed his wish for his character to experience another romance. “The village has a lot of options,” he exclaimed.

There are currently no hints in the scripts as to who he might be with. It might be either Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) or Nicky (Lewis Cope)!

Could Ethan be preparing to end the relationship that Nicky and Suni are currently in? Though Emile is keeping things vague, he does hope that Ethan will eventually find love.

“I think it’s important that being in a relationship brings out more vulnerability on the character,” he insisted.

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