Spoilers for Coronation Street: Rape survivor As Aadi gives her a kiss, Amy melts into fear.

Amy kisses Aadi. (Image: ITV)

In a recent episode of Coronation Street, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) made a bold decision to take matters into her own hands after witnessing a man tampering someone else’s drink.

In the scene, Amy sent a message to Adam Hussain’s character, Aadi Alahan. She was with a barely conscious man named Dan when he drove her to the club where she was. Amy clarified that she had gotten Aadi to assist her in exacting revenge on Dan for tampering with another woman’s drink.

After taking Dan to A&E, they discovered that he had overdosed on GHD and might not survive. This put Amy in hot water with the police.

Though Aadi attempted to stand in for Amy, DS Swain (Vicky Myers) was uneasy.

Amy will have to wait anxiously for future episodes in the hopes that Dan won’t recall what happened to him prior to his passing out. She is still being questioned by DS Swain, who also warns her that she might have to serve five years in prison.

Amy is going through a horrible situation, but Aadi shows that he is prepared to stand by her side the entire time. She even gives him a kiss in return when he leans in.

Aadi feels awkward and fears he’s made a big mistake when she suddenly feels a wave of panic take over and pulls back.

Naturally, Amy is still extremely traumatized by the fact that she was sexually assaulted by her friend Aaron Sandford (James Craven), whom she had liked and trusted before. Has Aadi made any progress?

Amy has been making an effort to advance (Image: ITV).

Iain MacLeod, Corrie’s executive producer, revealed to us that Amy and Aadi will have a romantic story because these events will be a turning point in their relationship.

“This narrative represents a truly important turning point in our continued cultivation of this intimacy between Aadi and Amy,” he remarked. “We’re hoping to tell this kind of really, really long-term love story with them, and I kind of feel like they’re best friends who support each other no matter what.”

He clarified that the show is eager to acknowledge the fact that Amy will always be affected by the rape storyline, so this doesn’t imply that it will soon come to an end.

He informed us that “despite appearances, Amy is profoundly affected by what happened and will be for the rest of her life.”

“I don’t know that you ever can move on, so we wanted this chapter to be a kind of final catharsis that keeps her from moving on exactly.” However, that opens up a new chapter in her response to what transpired.

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