Who vandalized Beale’s Eels is confirmed by EastEnders

Dean attributed the vandalism to Linda. (Image: BBC)

There are spoilers in this article for tonight’s (November 20) episode of EastEnders, which is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer but hasn’t yet aired on television.

Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins, aka Ian and Cindy Beale, were excited for their new pie and mash shop, Beale’s Eels, to open, but they were unprepared for the vandalism they would encounter on the first day of business.

When it was announced that the couple would be entering into business with Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), it caused a stir among the people of Walford, and their irate neighbors warned them against it.

Following Dean’s inappropriate approach to Ollie Carter during a flyer distribution, Linda (Kellie Bright) made the decision to find a way to fire him.

She assembled her own fliers, along with those of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) and Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), calling on people to boycott Beale’s Eels.

Linda was forced to remove the flyers after Dean threatened to sue for libel after learning of this.

But one resident felt that the flyers hadn’t made enough of an impression, so he spray-painted the word “Rapist” across the front of the store while it was still dark.

Viewers will be aware that Dean tried to rape Roxy Mitchell in 2014 but was ultimately found not guilty. Dean also sexually assaulted Linda in 2014. As a result, he has escaped punishment for his deeds.

Fans have been wondering who was responsible for the vandalism, and tonight’s episode of EastEnders finally identified them.

Dean quickly placed the blame on Linda and threatened to take her to court once more.

But, Gina’s admission of the crime meant that Linda was not at fault for long.

Cindy was appalled that her daughter would ruin the company’s debut, but Gina didn’t seem to regret what she had done.

Cindy, however, stood up and refused to allow Dean to report her and her daughter to the police. Could he hear me?

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