Kim Tate from Emmerdale will be exposed in a death plot by Lydia Dingle

Producer Laura Shaw of Emmerdale has hinted that in their current plot, Lydia Dingle will expose Kim Tate.

It was discovered earlier this month that Kim and Cain allowed Craig Reed to suffer from his wounds following an altercation with Kim’s horse, which contributed to his death.

Sam’s prior attack on Craig clouded the situation, leading the family to temporarily believe that Craig died from wounds sustained in this altercation.

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Speaking with and other media outlets, Shaw hinted at the drama that will soon unfold for the family, in which Kim and Cain will finally reveal the real story of that fateful night.

“After her terrible ordeal at the hands of Craig, Lydia is still struggling, and we’ll see that continue,” the spokesperson stated.

“What transpired that evening, which we witnessed during the major Dingles’ week with Kim, will all be revealed to her and Sam. How are they going to handle that news?

We all adore Lydia and Kim’s friendship, but this will put it to the test. We’ll see if they can resume their friendship in the coming year. Is it possible for Sam and Lydia to overcome this as well?

“Perhaps the new year will give them some fresh hope.”

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Not only does Lydia experience drama during the holidays, but Marlon will also be heavily featured as wife Rhona and Gus advance in their narrative.

Tragically, Rhona recently learned that her late husband Gus had secretly used her frozen embryos to assist his wife Lucy, who passed away during childbirth.

Going forward, Shaw said, “we’ll see Gus struggling a little bit with his grief and being a single parent to little Ivy.”

“How is Marlon going to handle it if Rhona decides to reach out and assist Ivy? That will have a significant impact on Rhona and Marlon’s Christmas.”

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