Spoilers for EastEnders: Vile Dean acts sickly after raping Linda, destroying her

Linda was tricked by Dean into signing a fake confession. (Image: BBC)

Spoilers from this article relate to Wednesday’s (November 22) episode of EastEnders, which is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer but hasn’t yet aired on television.

Evil rapist Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) in EastEnders has been torturing Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) nonstop since he returned to Albert Square.

After raping Linda in 2014, Dean destroyed her life, but he hasn’t expressed regret since. On the contrary, he truly doesn’t think he did anything wrong, as he has made plain in recent episodes.

In more recent scenes, Dean ended up in the hospital after falling down the stairs and getting slapped by George Knight (Colin Salmon) for refusing to leave Linda alone.

Dean has been threatening to call the police since the altercation, which could result in George serving time in prison due to his suspended sentence.

Dean did, however, give Linda one chance to save George: she only needed to admit to everyone that Dean had raped her.

George and Linda were adamantly opposed to the idea, with George pledging to serve time rather than subject Linda to it; however, Dean’s mother Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) gave it some serious thought.

She told Linda that those were just words, and Linda was devastated that her mother did not support her. Linda and George went to the hospital with the intention of ending things, and there, Dean modified their agreement.

Linda refused, even though he offered to tell her that she didn’t need to tell her friends and family—she only needed to confess to him.

At home, Linda listened as Francesca Henry and Molly Rainford, aka Gina and Anna, told Elaine about their visit with Michelle Collins’s character, Cindy Beale, in an effort to persuade her to support George against Dean.

Regretfully, Dean ignored Cindy’s request to move on from the incident, as he was still intent on going after Linda and George.

Son Ollie’s remarks to George about how he wasn’t going to let him go like his dad did diverted Linda’s attention even more while Gina and Anna fretted about what might happen to their father.

In the midst of all of this, Linda made the painful choice to grant Dean his wish and went to Beale’s Eels for a conversation.

But Linda was unaware that all of this was a part of Dean’s plan. She didn’t realize Dean was recording everything she said as she followed his lead and gave him exactly what he wanted her to say: that she had lied about being raped because she was afraid Mick would find out she had slept with Dean.

Dean played Linda’s made-up confession as she went home and sobbed to Elaine, who kept telling her that she had made the right decision.

How is he going to use this recording specifically, and what will happen if Linda finds out?

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