Caleb Miligan is shocked when his wife Ruby shows up in Emmerdale amidst a sex scandal.

A flashback will completely upend Caleb’s life! (Image: ITV)

Since Caleb Miligan (William Ash) first appeared on Emmerdale, fans have been curious about the identity of his wife.

She has been mentioned periodically, so it was inevitable that we would eventually see her.

The moment has arrived: Ruby will soon make her public debut, and as a result, Caleb’s life will undoubtedly become chaotic.

Currently, Caleb is betraying both his nephew and Tracy Metcalfe’s husband, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), by having an affair with her (Amy Walsh).

He’s even begun to show early indications of obsession, becoming possessive and envious of his hidden passion.

There is no doubting that there is a passionate spark between the couple, and Tracy can’t help but be excited.

It will end in tears, and when a major turn of events occurs around Christmas and they are discovered by someone, things will only get worse.

Therefore, Caleb’s philandering debut couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ruby.

The cheating couple’s passions are still raging (Picture: ITV)

“Caleb has mentioned Nicky’s mother and his wife, but we’ve only heard brief quotes from him suggesting that everything between them is fine and there’s nothing going on. Is that really the case?” Executive producer Laura Shaw pondered while providing spoilers to

We will see Ruby exploding on our screens in the new year. She is going to be very explosive.

She intends to throw the Dingles for a loop. Is Caleb and her relationship really as over as he seems to think? I suppose we’ll find out in the new year!

On that, we’re going to say unqualified no. What will Tracy’s response be then?

“We’ve also started Tracy and Caleb’s dangerous affair,” Laura said.

“We’ll witness a little more of that leading up to Christmas, and we’ll witness the most uncomfortable Christmas meal ever, where everyone sits around the table at the Dingles’ together.”

“On Christmas Day, someone will discover their sinister secret and make threats to expose it.”

Caleb, welcome to 2024. There will be chaos!

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