Emmerdale spoilers: a heated relationship, a desperate search for a missing child, and the decision to leave

Things on the Dales get hotter. (Image: ITV)

Next week, Emmerdale will see a resurgence of passion, but a crisis faces another couple because their child is still missing.

Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie Boyd is still in a state of panic following Chloe Harris’s (Jessie Elland) disappearance along with their infant son Reuben.

His quest for answers drives him to a confrontation as he grows more and more agitated, but Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is unwavering in her belief that they can get Reuben back home.

In the meantime, Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) and William Ash’s boyfriend Caleb Miligan (William Ash) are having an extramarital affair that they can’t stop.

The two seem to be about to pay a price for their continued recklessness.

November 27, Monday

Mack approaches Amy and Matty once more. (Image: ITV)

Although it’s David’s birthday, Victoria and Jacob are having a difficult time since there is a lot of conjecture about Jacob’s new girlfriend.

Jacob is made to feel even worse by David’s concern that the topic is taboo due to Leanna, even though Gabby is the main suspect.

Jacob and Victoria can’t resist the chance to have a little fun in the empty house despite the rumors. When David unexpectedly shows up at his house, they have to juggle.

David, who is prepared to greet the “mystery” partner after seeing through Jacob’s excuses, is taken aback when Jacob informs him that he was correct—it’s Gabby. Victoria cringes as she listens in upstairs.

Following David’s departure, Jacob comforts her that Gabby will believe his lies, but Victoria is terrified because she misplaced a bracelet David gave her.

Gabby is left perplexed as David teases her in the pub while she is unaware. Victoria finds her bracelet on the ground and gives Jacob a relieved kiss.

They are unaware, though, that dazed David has caught a glimpse of them through the window.

After spending yet another night looking, Mack returns home. Amy worries that she won’t speak to her sister ever again.

Amy and Matty are taken aback to see Mack in such a low state as he desperately approaches them for news.

Charity is adamant that they will retrieve his son.

Suni, who hasn’t been able to establish a connection with Laurel and the family, is taken aback when Amit says it’s time to go back to India.

Ryan is being pushed by Gail to express his emotions more honestly.

Tuesday, November 28

Nicky converses with Laurel (Image: ITV)

Tracy and Caleb have unresolved business to attend to.

Soon after, under the pretense of a business deal, Caleb confesses his feelings for Tracy, and the two share a passionate kiss.

The following day, Suni makes an effort to persuade Laurel to reconsider her behavior toward Amit and to persuade his father to reconsider leaving.

Laurel tries to ask Nicky why Amit punched him, not realizing that Amit is observing him warily and concerned that his secret might get out.

Mack is cautioned by Charity that they all have the same goals and that he should make an effort to win Amy over.

Wednesday, November 29

Suni schedules a date night with Nicky (Image: ITV)

When Caleb asks Tracy to meet him back at his place after the pub, Tracy becomes agitated.

The following day, Suni plans a night out with Nicky, Gabby, and Ethan.

However, Suni dumps Nicky because he doesn’t think he’s kept the secret, and he regrets it right away.

Mack is reassured by Charity, who is incredibly optimistic, that they will locate Chloe and Reuben.

Thursday, November 30.

Outside the restrooms, Tracy and Caleb share a kiss. (Image: ITV)

Tracy talks Nate into spending the afternoon with her since she’s determined to move on from any thoughts of Caleb.

Tracy feels uncomfortable with Caleb sitting so close to her at Cain’s birthday celebration and uses it as an excuse to go into the restroom. Caleb pursues her, and as their passion ignites, they share a kiss.

They return to the Woolie Bar, almost caught by Cain, with Caleb feeling uneasy about Tracy going back to Nate.

Tracy departs after Caleb later on.

As Suni makes an effort to separate from his father, their bond appears to be strained.

Can Amit reconcile with his family prior to his departure? And will things go wrong on their night out at the bar, or can Suni and Nicky work things out?

David takes a significant choice. Feeling devastated, he bids his loved ones farewell for the last time before leaving the village.

Friday, December 1.

Brenda suggests that Pollard talk to Manpreet (ITV)

It’s an invitation that shocks Ethan.

Suni’s situation is not good.

Pollard is urged by Brenda to talk to Manpreet.

Tracy says yes to a position.

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