In a recent interview, EastEnders actress Harriet Thorpe “rules out” the victim of a Christmas death.

Harriet Thorpe, star of EastEnders, might have “ruled out” one character from the Christmas storyline death this year.

The actor, who portrays Elaine Peacock, the landlady of Queen Vic, may have a role in this year’s explosive holiday plot, which involves the discovery of a body in her bar.

The soap opera featured a flash-forward scene in which “The Six”—Sharon Watts, Kathy Beale, Stacey Slater, Suki Panesar, Linda Carter, and Denise Fox—were shown gazing down at an unidentified male lying lifeless on the ground.

Though many soap opera viewers have made assumptions about the identity of the corpse, it appears that Thorpe may have unintentionally eliminated a leading candidate in a recent interview.

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The Mirror was told, “It irritates me when I discover a body in my pub during the holidays.” incredibly grating! since I’ll be required to tidy up the mess. Bring out the steam cleaner! I would have George do it.

That gave the impression that Elaine’s partner, George Knight, couldn’t possibly have seen the body on the ground.

However, Thorpe played coy and said, “I don’t know,” when asked if that was the truth or just a slip of the tongue. Not my narrative.” Or is it just a red herring, or is there a slip?

Since the release of the flash forward scene, a lot of conjecture has been expressed. After his shocking reappearance, fans conjectured that Dean Wicks—who had previously been Cindy Beale’s silent business partner—might be the victim.

“Obviously, you’ve seen the episode where Dean returns and it’s Halloween, and he’s also revealed to be Cindy’s secret business partner and the new partner of Beale’s Eels,” said EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw, adding fuel to the rumors about Dean.

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“Cindy quickly realizes her mistake of not knowing who she was entering into business with, but since the contracts have already been signed, it is too late to back out. So, it should come as no surprise that Dean could be a body at Christmas. He was certain to make a comeback this year.”

With the arrival of Ravi Gulati’s secret daughter Avani and ex-girlfriend Priya in Walford, fans believe they have already ruled out Ravi Gulati as the character who will be killed at Christmas.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Actor Balvinder Sopal, who plays Suki, gave credit to EastEnders’ Christmas plot and the build-up to the holiday season back in September.

“It’s really great that EastEnders is pairing Suki with other Walford residents as part of ‘The Six,’ and it’s even better that they’re all women,” the actress remarked. “It strengthens the sense of sisterhood and elevates strong women in narratives about friendship, love, and connection.”

According to Sopal, it’s critical that these women have strong relationships so they can lean on one another in trying times.

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