We are devastated by the Ofcom complaints about the intimate scene featuring a gay couple on Coronation Street.

Paul and Billy spoke to a speech and language specialist during the episode (Picture: ITV)

Ofcom has actually received complaints about Coronation Street after a romantic scene involving Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash).

Earlier this year, Paul was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in emotionally charged scenes.

After being struck by the Underworld van, he initially believed he had hurt his hand, but he soon discovered that his lack of movement was caused by MND.

His condition has worsened since then, and he now needs a wheelchair to get around. Paul’s situation is only going to get worse because he will ultimately become non-verbal.

In a Wednesday, November 15, episode, Paul and Billy went to see a speech-language pathologist, who gave them instructions on how to use devices to mimic Paul’s voice.

Billy proposed that they try recording some of the things the specialist had mentioned when they got home, but Paul kissed him and said he was too busy “living life to the full.”

Billy and Paul read the book they were given and then thought back on their rekindled passion for each other’s sex after spending a romantic afternoon together on the couch.

In order to always be able to tell Billy that he loves him, even when he is unable to speak, Paul took out his phone as soon as Billy told him he loved him and recorded himself playing it back.

Nevertheless, 52 complaints have been made about the episode.

Following their visit with the doctor, Billy and Paul shared a romantic moment (Picture: ITV)

Others were relieved that Billy’s guardian, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), wasn’t present. Some appreciated the private moment.

X, a Twitter user, wrote: “Thank God Summer didn’t go straight home lmao.”

“Summer has to sit on that,” another person said, not intending to be homophobic. [italics]

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