Following the confirmation of the Christmas engagement, Emmerdale announces which couple is getting married.

Even though this can’t go well, wedding belles (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans will probably know that this engagement will only result in tears, but there are wedding bells—or Belles, to be exact—as one couple is scheduled to get engaged this Christmas.

After previously hinting at the proposal, Laura Shaw, the head of the soap opera, has confirmed that Belle and Tom King (James King) will have news to share with their loved ones in a celebratory episode.

In a recent scene, Tom became enraged with Belle after she initially turned down his proposal of marriage. He retaliated by pushing her against a table and cutting her head.

The couple appears to be back on track after the incident, but even with Tom’s sincere apologies, incidents like this don’t always end up isolated.

But Christmas cheer will be the main focus as they look forward to whatever lies ahead.

The initial proposal had a disastrous outcome (Image: ITV).

“Belle and Tom’s relationship will move forward,” Laura attested to

Though I believe we’ve already given some indications that there might be more going on, what we’ll see is them developing their relationship.

“Wedding bells come in on Valentine’s Day, of course, since we have to do weddings on that day because we are a soap opera.” Will it be their happily ever after, though? Let’s wait and see.

This seems highly unlikely in light of what has transpired. However, there will be other major dramas on the show this Christmas.

As Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) feels her feelings for baby Ivy deepen, another couple is bearing the brunt of the stress.

“Rhona has been going through some really difficult times lately,” Laura thought. Recently, Lucy passed away on screen shortly after Ivy was born.

Going forward, Rhona and Marlon’s Christmas will be greatly impacted by Gus beginning to struggle a little bit with his grief and with being a single parent to little Ivy.

“How is Marlon going to handle it if Rhona tries to help baby Ivy?” Will Rhona be able to assist Gus with baby Ivy?

And what consequences will Leo and April face as a result? All of that will be seen over Christmas.

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