Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ed freaks out when a newcomer makes an unexpected request.

His feelings intensify (Image: ITV)

Recently, Michael (Ryan Russell) informed Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) that Grandad Sarge (Ram John Holder) would be attending the Christmas festivities on Coronation Street.

Ed did not have a good response, telling Michael that he was afraid of Sarge arriving.

Is Ed’s growing concern over money a factor in this? He used to reside at Ed’s address, but he got so desperate that he started using a credit card fraudulently in the name of Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden).

Ed is hiding his relapsed gambling habit with the credit card fraud, so when Michael receives a letter from Norris’s bank informing him that the card has been frozen because of questionable activity, he becomes alarmed.

Ed is in despair, wondering how he’s going to make ends meet while his employee, Tony, waits to be paid.

Then, several weeks ahead of schedule, Sarge travels from Dominica for Christmas. Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) is overjoyed to see his father and proposes that as a way to celebrate, the whole family go out to a large meal. Ed begins to get anxious, wondering how he’s going to pay his portion of the bill.

Lunch with the family (Picture: ITV)

Reverting to his former habits, he wagers on the horses and watches the race on his phone while dining at the bistro with his family.

Sarge continues to badger him in the meantime regarding his “business brain.” Joel (Calum Lill) is informed by Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) that Sarge believes their house was lost due to an unwise business decision made by Ed, rather than Ed’s excessive gambling.

Ed breaks his bet and begins to perspire profusely. Ed is told by Ronnie that he can pay for his half of the lunch bill later.

He is forced to inform Tony that he is unable to reimburse him for the work he completed on Paul (Peter Ash)’s apartment and discloses that he is a gambling addict who has lost all of his money. He implores Tony to keep quiet to the other members of the family.

While settling in, Sarge eventually acknowledges that his own company is having trouble and that he needs to borrow £2,000 from someone. Ed is starting to panic because he knows he is going to sink quickly and won’t be able to give Sarge any money, even though Ronnie reassures him that it won’t be a problem and they can lend him the money.

Is his secret gambling life about to come to light?

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