Spoilers for Emmerdale: Tracy and Caleb start a serious relationship, and feelings fly!

One more affair! (Image: ITV)

Right now, Emmerdale is a hive of adultery, with Mack’s (Lawrence Robb) and Charity’s (Emma Atkins) affairs blowing up everywhere and a potentially disastrous one starting to pick up steam. What’s in the water, Gods?

Behind Nate’s (Jurell Carter) back, Tracy (Amy Walsh) and Caleb (Will Ash) have been kissing lustfully.

Tracy has been making an effort, albeit not a strong enough one, to act morally and suppress her emotions. She is put to the ultimate test when Caleb confesses his feelings for her, and instead of rejecting him, she gives him another kiss.

The next day, when he asks her to meet him at his place, she is tempted but flustered because her feelings are now on fire rather than trying to put an end to things. In all honesty, Tracy is ready to end her marriage.

However, Tracy has a conversation with herself and decides to clear things with Nate and wash Caleb out of her hair. This is easier to accomplish when you don’t live in a village with only a dozen or so people living next door. It’s also not helpful to avoid having an affair with your husband’s uncle.

It seems like they are unable to resist one another (picture: ITV)

In an attempt to turn things around, she persuades Nate to take the afternoon off and spend some quality time with his partner; however, since it’s Cain’s (Jeff Hordley) birthday, a traditional Dingle knees up is in order.

Caleb sits next to Tracy and gives her the creeps as he runs for the women’s restroom, clearly uncomfortable. Still, Caleb follows her, so there’s no getting away.

They kiss without thinking twice about the fact that the whole family is right outside the door. They retreat back to the bar after Cain nearly catches them.

Tracy sees Nate again, and Caleb is envious. Later, Tracy can’t help but follow Caleb out of jealousy.

For Nate, this is the beginning of some very bad news. How on earth is he going to find out?

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