Emmerdale Moira and Mack’s fatherhood dispute is “sealed” as she unleashes a massive bombshell.

In upcoming Emmerdale soap opera scenes, Moira Barton is expected to reveal a significant revelation, and fans believe they already know what might be happening in a major Mackenzie twist.

In future scenes, the village of Emmerdale is going to be rocked by a shocking confession, but astute viewers already suspect they know what’s going on.

Moira Barton is the focus of this confession; producer Laura Shaw told the press that Moira would be making a significant admission to a villager. She is going to divulge a secret from her past. She attempts to assist the person she is speaking to in some way, but what will happen when they discover Moira’s darkest secret?

“If they blow it, it could threaten Moira’s whole life,” she said, issuing a dire warning. Online fan speculation has already taken off, with some identifying a key hint that Moira’s secret involves baby Reuben and Mackenzie Boyd.

Observers believe Moira is Mack’s mother rather than his sister because she welcomed him covertly when she was still a teenager. That would make Reuben her grandson in a major twist on paternity, and since Chloe Harris has threatened to take him to France, Moira might lose another relative as a result.

Moira Barton of Emmerdale is about to divulge a very important secret (Image: ITV)

“I feel like Reuben is actually Moira’s grandson because of the way Moira keeps telling Chloe that she will always be in their lives,” wrote one X user. “Thought for ages Mack is her son,” echoed a second.

Others on Reddit were looking closely at this fan’s post, “The storyline about Moira having a secret from her past.” Is it possible that Mack is her son? That is only possible if Mack has taken her brother’s identity. She may have left home at the age of eighteen, given that he appears to be around thirty-two years old.

“Ugh… the idea has been passed around for YEARS and it would be seriously lousy if so,” wrote another. The fact that they hardly ever appear together would make Miserable Mack live longer, and as for Moira, how many more children—illegitimate, by other men, and just children in general—are they going to dump on the poor cow?

Supporters believe that Mackenzie Boyd is not Moira’s brother, but rather her son (Image: ITV)

Someone else on social media retorted, “But she wouldn’t know any difference til it all comes out,” in response to an argument made by another user: “Moira never behaved like a mother toward him.” If he’s just feigning to be her brother, that is. I kind of watched him take the real Mack’s identity.

The new theory hasn’t pleased everyone, though, as one person pleaded, “Please don’t be Mack’s mother; that’s so EastEnders.” Their sibling dynamic is enjoyable to me. “Let me guess she’s got a secret evil child who wants to get revenge?” pondered one person.

In the 2020 season of the ITV soap opera, Mackenzie made his debut as Moira’s brother. It was determined that she left the family home when Mackenzie was six years old, blaming their mother for having an extramarital affair.

Is Moira concealing something even more sinister?

Additionally, Moira may have killed Emma Barton by pushing her off a bridge; this information has been kept under wraps. This could be considered her “biggest secret.” It’s possible that Sam Dingle is seeking comfort after hitting Craig because she revealed the information in order to “help a friend.”

Watchers will have to wait impatiently to find out the outcome.

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