Spoilers for EastEnders: Priya hatches a cunning scheme to kill Vinny

She devises an urgent scheme. (Image: BBC)

In forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, newcomer Priya (Sophie Khan Levy) is a seasoned professional as she devises a plan to pose a threat to Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

Priya is Avani’s (Aaliyah James) mother and the former girlfriend of Ravi (Aaron Thiara). They disclosed they had nowhere to live when they arrived a few weeks ago and moved into the Panesar residence.

Suki recently took advantage of the opportunity to leave the marriage and begin a new life with Eve (Heather Peace) after witnessing Priya kissing Nish (Navin Chowdhry).

Suki encounters a challenge in later episodes when Priya confesses that she is aware of the truth.

Priya counters with £3k when she offers to pay her £2000 for her silence. After Priya threatens to grass Vinny (Shiv Jalota) up to Nish and then turns over the money that was stolen from the call centre, Suki finally agrees.

They both don’t know, though, that Nish is surreptitiously observing the conversation.

Priya is fully aware of what to do (Bbc picture).

As the week goes on, Nish snoops on Suki and Priya’s money exchange and wonders why. Priya tells a falsehood and maintains that Suki stole the money so she and Avani could rent an apartment.

Suki is compelled to give £200 to Priya from the Minute Mart after Nish stops her from giving the money, warning Suki that she will blab if she doesn’t receive the entire sum.
Later, Vinny tells Nish that the tills are £200 short as he closes the store.

Nish is horrified to find footage of Suki and Eve kissing while looking through the CCTV.

Actor Navin Chowdhry clarified, “He’s looking at the possibility that some money has been stolen from the business.” “He watches some CCTV footage in the Minute Mart to try and catch someone stealing money from the till while trying to figure out who is behind the theft.”After seeing that video, he returns and finds Eve and Suki in the store together out of the blue. He watches them kissing because he is curious about what they might be discussing.

But what in the world will come next?

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