Tonight’s spoilers for EastEnders: As his plea hearing begins, Stacey tells Theo a falsehood about the possibility of their relationship succeeding.

In tonight’s (Monday, November 27) EastEnders spoilers, Stacey is seen hurriedly getting ready for Theo to enter his plea.

Stacey tries to manipulate Theo into entering a guilty plea in the hopes of convincing him to do so.

In EastEnders spoilers, will Theo fall for Stacey’s lies and comply with her demands?

Will Theo plead guilty? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Theo’s plea hearing

Tonight, Stacey’s left feeling sick as Theo asks to meet with her on the day of his plea hearing.

Stacey doesn’t want to meet him but after Lily worries about her, Stacey agrees to go and hear what he has to say.

Using the opportunity to her advantage, Stacey then tries to manipulate Theo into pleading guilty by suggesting that they give a relationship a go if he does this one thing for her.

Theo doesn’t like this idea though, making Stacey wonder if she’s just made things even worse. But, will Theo do as Stacey wants?

Nish observes the conversation (Source: BBC)

Blackmailing Suki, Priya
When Priya admits to Suki that she is aware of the truth, Suki makes an offer to pay Priya £2000 if she will keep quiet.

But Priya then uses Suki as a pawn and demands £3000 in exchange for her silence. When Priya threatens to get Vinny in trouble with Nish, Suki is compelled to accept this.

Suki gets ready to give Priya the money she stole from the call center. Nish, on the other hand, observes everything with rage. Will he confront them about their behavior, though?

Will Karen and Keanu be cast by Albie? (Source: BBC)

Spoilers for EastEnders: Karen finds herself in a difficult situation with Keanu.
When Karen offers to pay for everyone’s drinks, Mitch throws her a surprise party in the pub and begins to wonder where she gets her money from.

After making an effort to patch things up, Malcolm shows up at the party, setting Karen and Keanu on edge.

He and Albie click right away, but will Albie reveal Karen and Keanu’s kidnapping scheme?

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