Spoilers for EastEnders: Jack and Stacey get closer as his relationship with Denise fails, and fireworks fly.

They are together more often (Image: BBC)

Unaware of the growing bond between Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) during her vacation, Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is soon returning home to EastEnders.

In addition to their time spent together both before and after Ricky (Frankie Day) and Lily (Lillia Turner) became parents, Jack has been one of the many people who have supported Stacey while Theo (William Ellis) persisted in his stalking of her.

This week, Jack will also be there to listen to Stacey when she gets tipsy following Theo’s plea hearing and confides in him about how scared she’s been lately.

Jack’s agreement to remain silent after Stacey reveals the truth about Theo’s attack and her attempt to use a weapon on him in an effort to free Freddie (Bobby Brazier) from prison shows how much she is valued by him.

When Stacey asks Jack to watch the kids next time, it’s obvious he’s a little out of practice and needs to call Stace for assistance.

Dean confronts Denise once more (Picture: BBC)

Later, after returning early from her vacation, Denise is eager to hear about any new rumors surrounding Walford. However, her plans are derailed when Sam (Kim Medcalf) barges in, revealing to Denise that she has been spending time with the family.

Throughout the week, Jack makes an effort to win Denise over to his way of thinking regarding the Sam fiasco.

When Denise learns that Dean (Matt Di Angelo) has returned and that Jack neglected to inform her, they end up falling out once more.

Later, Jack seeks support from Stace before going home to an irate Denise.

In the end, she tells Jack that he has to make a decision: either she will move out or Sam will.

With all of the attention on Sam right now, will Denise miss the developing chemistry between Jack and Stacey?

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