Spoilers for Emmerdale: Rhona’s pregnancy with Ivy puts Marlon and Rhona’s marriage in jeopardy

It’s a difficult moment. (Image: ITV)

Rhona (Zoe Henry) has been experiencing emotional turmoil ever since baby Ivy was born on Emmerdale. Although she may not be Rhona’s biological child, legally she is.

Rhona has been desperate to be nearer to Ivy since her birth mother passed away, and she has been pushing against Mary (Louise Jameson) and Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) advice to grieve for Gus’ life. She’s neglecting her own family while she’s desperate to connect with the baby she didn’t know she wanted.

She had been going to the hospital, but she stopped going after a disgruntled Gus discovered she was going.

She knows the way is clear as Gus leaves the baby unit and she sits in her car, observing him go. This is her most recent covert visit. Her family has noticed her strange and obsessive behavior, and Mary is pursuing her.

Now that Gus has left, Rhona navigates the hospital without letting Mary know about her discovery. But when Gus reappears out of nowhere and gives her a scare, she’s been tricked into believing herself to be safe. Her presence does not make him happy.

Rhona’s biological daughter, baby Ivy (Picture: ITV)

When Marlon confronts Rhona at home, she sobs as he starts to doubt her intentions. He expresses his anger at her for defying him and the harm she is causing to their family.

However, it doesn’t stop her; the following day, she gathers supplies and pretends to be trying to help Gus transport them to him.

Mary follows him and they hesitantly walk up to his front door, but Gus does not want to see both of their faces.

Finally, in his beaten and tired state, he lets Rhona cross the threshold, and once inside, he passes out.

Now that Rhona is by herself with the child, she seizes the chance to take the child. Mary is shocked to see her in this moment with the baby; is she going to do a runner?

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