An Emmerdale star promises to post explicit pictures that are “increasingly strange.”

All of Alexander Lincoln gives up for a worthy cause. Images: WireImage

Alexander Lincoln, an Emmerdale star, has pledged to post “increasingly strange nudes” online. Don’t worry, though—there’s a good reason for this.

The actor, who gained popularity for his role as Jamie Tate on the hit ITV soap opera, is going to take part in a charity sleepout in Birmingham with the goal of raising money for young people who are homeless.

Alexander asked his followers to donate to his new challenge on Instagram.

In an Instagram-worthy lakeside setting, he was spotted flaunting his new chest tattoo while wearing only a pair of black swimming trunks.

Just as stated, a nudeish. He wrote, “Honestly, thank you for your support; it means the world to the young people of Birmingham even more.”

Alexander, who starred in the show from 2019 to 2021, shared the link to his fundraising page within hours, and he was able to raise more than £1,000.

“As promised…” (Image via Instagram)

Alexander has worked on a number of projects since leaving the ITV soap opera, where he played Jamie in a plot where he staged his own death. Most recently, he was in the independent film In From the Side.

The film, written and directed by Matt Carter, tells the story of two gay rugby players who start having an affair, endangering the gay rugby club.

Alexander is nominated for a British Independent Film Awards longlist for Best Breakthrough Performance for his performance as Mark.

Alexander called the nomination a “huge moment” in his life on Instagram.

“I was genuinely honored to be included on the longlist for the 2022 @bifa_film ‘Breakthrough Performance,’ and I completely forgot to post this at the time,” he wrote.
I’m not sad about not making the shortlist; there were some incredibly beautiful performances this year. However, I will undoubtedly be glued to my sofa as I watch the ceremony in its entirety.

“I am incredibly proud of this movie and everything it has accomplished, including its continued popularity among viewers.”

Alexander proceeded to express gratitude to the crew and director for their contributions to the show.

Though some were worried about the representation of gay athletes, fans were quick to commend the movie and the actor in the comments.

One fan said, “I loved the movie and its actors are still very handsome, but I still think they’re posing as gay when they’re not.” Is this a doubt I have?

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