Emmerdale spoilers: Nate is obsessed with Tracy, and Caleb is furious and targets him.

Caleb makes every effort to get Tracy to leave him alone (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Caleb (played by Will Ash) and Tracy (played by Amy Walsh) may have had a lighthearted beginning, but things are going to get serious very quickly.

And by serious, we refer to the degree of risk. Actor Will Ash noted that for these two, it’s all about getting their rocks off, saying, “I think it’s just pure lust, certainly at this stage.” A lot of the time, Caleb is driven by his desire for everything. Therefore, even though there aren’t any feelings involved yet, the danger is going to escalate dramatically.

Even though Tracy isn’t entirely sure she wants to have this affair with Caleb, she still goes ahead and does it. When Nicky (Lewis Cope) unexpectedly returns home, she and Caleb take things a step further and enjoy a romantic afternoon in bed.

Tracy is thrilled with the experience and, upon returning home, she boldly begins perusing lingerie websites.

When Nate (Jurelle Carter) reappears in the midst of her shopping binge, she naturally assumes he will gain the most from her new acquisitions. She blushes when he gives her a compliment. A slight sense of guilt exists, but not enough to serve as a wake-up call.

When Tracy is taking care of the shop, another chance for her and Caleb to spend time together presents itself, so she locks the door to give them some alone time. However, when they are again interrupted, this time by Sam (James Hooton), the gods of affairs are against them.

Tracy and Caleb are irresistible to one another (picture: ITV)

After they head off to christen the new purchases, Tracy feels wonderful as Nate gets excited about the underwear and gushes over her.

However, Tracy is currently underestimating Caleb’s obsession with her—or more accurately, his obsession with achieving his goals. They go to the pub because Tracy feels more at ease with Nate, but as soon as they enter, she notices a somber Cale. Later, when he sees them strolling hand in hand, his conceited inner urge to rule the world bursts into action, and he devises plans to separate the two.

Nate, poor guy, has no idea (Image: ITV)

The actor Will clarifies to that Caleb needs to always come first and isn’t doing this because he wants Tracy to himself.

“There is a part of him that needs to manage their relationship—not end it—but he wants to be Tracy’s top priority and he realizes he isn’t.” Might their innate jealousy prove to be fatal?

In an attempt to figure out why Tracy is ignoring him now, he is able to con Nate into allowing him some alone time with her. But later, when Nate is boasting about his afternoon of hanky panky with his wife at the pub, he’s back at breaking point.

He therefore devises a scheme: after creating a job to keep Nate occupied, he kidnaps Tracy and brings her back to his house for some sensual moments. It’s a nice little plan, except that Nate goes straight to the Mill after finishing the job. Tracy is about to get severely caught off guard.

However, Will told that there will be a major “explosive” twist around Christmas, which sounds like it will happen just before his wife shows up in the Dales, so things are about to get really serious.

“It’s going to be quite explosive,” he declared. The next step will be extremely thrilling. It’s quite large, what happens, so I’m not sure how the writers will handle it. I’m eagerly anticipating it. There will be a lot happening. Ouch! Nate, poor guy.

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