Spoilers for Coronation Street: Asha’s flirtatious temptation Isla says she’d like to court a woman.

At the Bistro, Isla and Asha get wasted (Image: ITV)

As Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) continues to spend time with her coworker Isla, poor Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) is left wondering what the future holds in Coronation Street.

Thanks to her paramedic training, Asha was able to establish a rapport with Isla, an accomplished police officer with a wealth of fascinating tales to share.

Even though Asha has enjoyed telling Nina about Isla, she hasn’t really thought about the fact that Nina gets envious when Asha talks about someone else all the time.

Recently, after drinking, Nina tried to woo Asha, who was lounging on the couch and watching TV.

Asha wasn’t feeling well after working another shift, which made Nina feel offended.

Next, Asha and Isla get together to study, but when Isla states she would much rather spend the day drinking, Asha is perplexed.

Isla tells Asha, while they are at the Bistro, that her boyfriend is bugging her, but she has moved past men and is considering trying women instead.

Nina has been experiencing loneliness (Image: ITV).

Asha and Isla are giggling and holding hands across the table when Nina walks in, but what will Asha say if she has to defend herself?

She jumped into something, and her life has never been the same. Tanisha Gorey clarified, “She’s never really at home—she’s always working.”

“I believe she’s so ecstatic and overwhelmed that she almost acts like an idol to Isla.” Asha aspires to be like her. Asha aspires to know everything and do everything that she does.

Because she is so enamored with the work itself, I don’t think she steps aside at first and asks herself, “Is Nina taking this the wrong way?” That is not something I believe even crosses her mind.

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