Spoilers for Emmerdale: Victoria and Jacob decide heavily regarding their contentious relationship

Has it already ended? (Image: ITV)

Since Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) and Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) haven’t exactly been discreet about their ill-advised romance in Emmerdale, it’s a wonder they haven’t been exposed yet.

The couple has flirted in public places, kissed outside the hide, and had multiple instances where they were almost caught—David (Matthew Wolfenden) popping over to her house while she and Jacob were having sex. Fortunately for them, poor David took a while to figure it out.

However, it was never going to remain a secret for long, and David’s heart was broken when word finally got out.

He watched his world fall apart as a result of the unfortunate event that he happened to catch Vic and Jacob kissing through the window, which finally forced him to leave.

What lies ahead? (Image: ITV)

Things between the two lovers cooled off a little after the drama of David finding out, but Victoria can’t help but feel drawn back to the boy.

Jacob concludes that keeping it a secret from the other villagers is no longer necessary. When he finally persuades Vic that it’s time to let everyone know, he is overjoyed.

However, given their nine-year age difference and the fact that Vic was briefly his stepmother, this is a contentious decision for the couple.

Leyla’s continued rage at Vic for nearly killing Jacob should also be taken into consideration. There was a battle ahead months ago. Will their love be able to endure it?

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