EastEnders Danny Dyer, the Mick Carter legend, is reprising his iconic role.

Next year marks the sports drama’s 20th anniversary (Picture: WireImage)

Danny Dyer, a legendary member of EastEnders, is reportedly making a much-awaited return to The Football Factory.

As viewers are aware, the adored landlord of Queen Vic disappeared at sea over the holiday season last year, eerily emulating Harold Bishop from Neighbours.

When a pregnant Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) drove him and his beloved soulmate Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) into the water, he had the honorable intention of entering the dangerous waves to save her.

Mick, acting on Linda’s orders, rescued the cunning Janine and their unborn child first, then went back out to sea to find his true loveā€”not realizing that she had made it to land safely.

Danny’s other well-known role before joining EastEnders was that of Tommy Johnson in the 2004 sports drama The Football Factory. The movie will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and it appears that Danny will be playing the same part.

Filming for Football Factory 2 is scheduled to begin in January, an insider told The Sun. “It’s full steam ahead.”

Danny played EastEnder Mick Carter. (Image: Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes / BBC)

“Hopefully, they can make enough progress so that it is released in 2024, in time for the 20th anniversary.”

“Danny is really excited about this project and is eager to reinvest himself in the role,” they continued.

Fans of EastEnders were devastated to lose such a beloved character, and Danny’s departure from the soap opera marked the end of an incredibly popular era.

Danny, 46, has now opened up about why he left the show, stating that the drop in quality was a major factor.

In reference to his previous storylines, he said, “The first few years we fing smashed it.” It was strong stuff. We were given more attention by the viewer than these fing c* politicians.I was fortunate to have some incredible and some s**te storylines.

“They messed up in the last moments.” Though I’m sorry it had to end, I’d f***ing had enough.

Meanwhile, EastEnders has flourished under the direction of its new head coach, Chris Clenshaw, who has essentially brought the BBC One soap opera back to its former splendor.

The long-running serial has won an unprecedented amount of accolades since Chris assumed control, including multiple awards at the British Soap Awards, the NTAs, and the Inside Soap Awards, including Best Soap.

has requested a statement from Danny Dyer’s representatives.

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