Kym Marsh sobs on live television as she talks about a terrible family tragedy.

Kym talked about the rumors that Corrie would return. (Image: REX)

Kym Marsh, a former Coronation Street star, started crying when she talked about her father’s terrible cancer battle.

The 47-year-old Michelle Connor actress first disclosed her father Dave’s prostate cancer diagnosis in 2021, and she has since provided fans with regular updates on his condition.

While discussing his experience on Morning Live, Kym mentioned that Dave had put off seeing a doctor because of the Covid pandemic and said they wanted to encourage people to get checked.

Sadly, Kym’s most recent update revealed bad news: Dave’s cancer had spread, and doctors were unable to treat him with chemotherapy.

In order to spread awareness of the illness, Kym and co-host Gethin Jones were joined in the studio by her mother Pauline and father David, 73, during today’s BBC Morning Live.

In the pre-recorded video, Kym expressed her desire for no one else to experience what she did. I experience more emotions than my dad does; he is incredibly strong.

“I wouldn’t wish for anyone else to experience this.” (Image:
Kym and her father have a close relationship (Photo: Kym Marsh on Instagram).

“We understand that there is nothing more they can do for him at this point, so we’re doing exactly what they said to do—go make memories with your family.”

The actress recently surprised Dave with a new tattoo that she had gotten as a tribute to him, demonstrating how close they are.

Kym shared a video of his response on social media and talked about how Dave’s love of ice cream inspired her to get an ice cream tattoo.

I recently got a new tattoo for my dad. He’s been obsessed with ice cream ever since he was told he had incurable cancer! He eats one practically every day!

I got an ice cream tattooed on the inside of my forearm as a way to always be reminded of my amazing father. He is the greatest person ever! Love you, dad,” she penned in the photo’s caption.

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