A significant murder narrative is revealed in a special episode of EastEnders.

The Six need to talk about a number of things before the Christmas murder. (Image: BBC)

Fans of EastEnders will be treated to a special edition of the show that will focus on the Christmas Day murder mystery that has captured viewers’ attention for more than nine months.

Fans have been looking for hints in every episode and teaser since the flash forward aired in February, wanting to find out who killed them and who is laying dead on the floor.

In a new program hosted by Joe Swash, the stars at the center of this plot, affectionately known as The Six, are going to share with us their thoughts on what could be happening on Christmas Day.

Joe will discuss the lives of his on-screen personas—Linda, Suki, Stacey, Denise, Kathy, and Sharon—with Kellie Bright, Balvinder Sopal, Lacey Turner, Diane Parish, Gillian Taylforth, and Letitia Dean in EastEnders: The Six – Revealed.

The actresses will give a behind-the-scenes look at some of their most riveting plot moments of the year while reliving some of their characters’ most tragic moments.

They will also share potential views on how each of their characters may be motivated to commit such a crime, and they will debate which guy might end up wearing the dreaded cufflinks.

Producer Chris Clenshaw of EastEnders has stated that fans will receive some “exclusive news” from the next special.

The corpse in question and who of our six Walford matriarchs may be the culprit have been the subject of a great deal of conjecture since we revealed our Christmas narrative back in February, with a lot of the conjecture originating from the actors.

“This presentation offers some unique info about what’s coming this Christmas, in addition to allowing the audience to hear from the actresses as they share their own thoughts.”

Presenter Joe Swash has co-hosted several specials and portrayed Mickey Miller in EastEnders, so he is no stranger to the show.

About The Six – Revealed, he remarked, “I truly appreciated being back in my old stomping area, Albert Square.” “I had so many wonderful memories from EastEnders, and it was wonderful to be back.”

“It was lovely to see Kellie, Gillian, and Bal as we looked back at some of their amazing storylines from the year. I also liked meeting with my close friends Tish, Lacey, and Di, with whom I worked on my last stint in the show.”

Monday, December 11 at 8 p.m. on BBC3 and iPlayer will include EastEnders: The Six – Revealed.

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