Emmerdale spoilers: When Mary learns of Rhona’s startling secret, she is completely shocked.

Mary finds out about Rhona’s activities (Image: ITV)

A few weeks ago in Emmerdale, Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) world completely collapsed when her ex-husband’s partner passed away following the birth of their daughter, Ivy.

Rhona was devastated to learn that Lucy was pregnant because she had been informed that Gus had only impersonated Rhona in order to obtain access to her frozen embryos.

In an altercation, Rhona informed the couple that Lucy is biologically related to the child she is carrying.

The plot is extremely complicated, and things got worse when Rhona was accused of killing Lucy by a broken-hearted Gus.

Rhona is clearly having trouble adjusting to the difficult situation in which her biological daughter is in the hospital and she is unable to see her.

In upcoming episodes, Rhona—who has been surreptitiously observing Gus’s movements to and from the hospital—will be a source of concern for Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Mary (Louise Jameson).

Mary and her daughter make the decision to go to the ward together after learning that Rhona has also been secretly visiting Ivy.

Mary and Rhona pay Gus a visit (Image: ITV)

But soon, they discover that Gus is overwhelmed and facing them.

When Marlon confronts Rhona at home, she acknowledges that she has been seeing her daughter.

The following day, Rhona makes an effort to assist by getting Gus some supplies.

Rhona and Mary see Gus through the window as they make their way to his house; he appears to be in pieces.

Rhona uses the opportunity to cuddle Ivy while Gus is sleeping inside, which worries Mary.

And will Mary and Rhona be able to stay apart when Gus wakes up from his nap and tells them to go?

Something that she firmly believed she had put to rest fifteen years ago has returned and is getting closer. Zoe Henry asked, “How do you even begin to comprehend the enormity of that?”

The news is extremely shocking and it feels like someone has taken the rug out from under her. There is no right or wrong way to respond to it. How on earth do you comprehend that?

“Learning that the baby you rejected is about to be born, and then seeing it arrive.” She argued, “How could anyone escape that unharmed and not be profoundly impacted by it?” “He’s stolen and lied, and it’s hell.”

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