Spoilers for Coronation Street: Gemma was reported to social services due to a concerning symptom of Joseph.

Gemma does another mistake. (Image: ITV)

The consequences of Joseph Brown’s (William Flanagan) poisoning on Coronation Street must soon be dealt with by the Brown/Winter family.

Shortly after passing out at home, the young man ended himself in the hospital. Following Joseph’s treatment, a medical professional revealed to Chesney (Sam Aston) and Gemma that their kid had a toxic substance in his system.

With Bernie’s (Jane Hazlegrove) sentence approaching later in the week, the family decides to plan an early Christmas meal.

But it’s cut short when a child protection officer shows up and demands to speak with Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

When everyone has left the home, Caitlin confronts Gemma and raises the possibility that she intentionally poisoned Joseph.

Bernie’s loved ones are distraught when the judge sentences her to three months in prison on the day of her sentencing.

A vengeful Gemma tempts Big Garth to Victoria Garden from her house.

Joseph tells Gemma he has a headache, so she fetches him some medications when she gets back.

Gemma suffers while Bernie is imprisoned (Image: ITV)

Gemma is shocked to see Caitlin when the door knocks; she is not thrilled with what is happening.

There’s going to be a lot more, and their marriage will undoubtedly be strained. While talking to us about what’s next for Chesney and Gemma, Sam Aston said, “They’ve got some rough days ahead.”

“Gemma and Chesney have a lot going on, and Chesney may be a little preoccupied.” Because of their financial hardship, he is leaving to work as much as he can. We are aware that they are impoverished since he has four other kids.

“That house is crowded with people.” As horrible as it sounds, I guess there are instances when things are kind of ignored. Furthermore, I don’t believe it’s personal; he’s just caught up in his daily grind.

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