Spoilers for EastEnders: Christmas melancholy as the Knights’ grand Queen Vic scheme barrels into catastrophe

The holiday season is drawing near, and the Knight family in EastEnders is hard at work getting ready for their first Christmas in Walford.

In future episodes, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe), the family’s head, will spend the day giving commands to George Knight (Colin Salmon) and the family in an effort to make The Vic sponsored Christmas celebration in the Square a tremendous success.

But as things start to go awry, her plans are put to the test.

Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) begins recruiting in the meanwhile, but she too doesn’t have much luck with her community choir.

Elaine can’t help but get in when she learns of Yolande’s plans, but her new adversary is unimpressed by her drunken bribing methods.

The family are preparing for Christmas (Picture: BBC)

Yolande and Patrick link arms outside the pub in EastEnders

Yolande is not thrilled when Elaine tries to take over her choir at the conclusion of the week.

When the lines of war are established, will the two ladies realize that cooperating and finding a common ground would lead to a better result?

The Knight family’s Christmas tradition includes spending time with the Beales once Michelle Collins’s character Cindy Beale returns.

“We have the Beales and the Knights come together at Christmas to have Cindy’s first Christmas in ten years with her daughters and Peter, but what becomes quite apparent is her and George’s connection when they actually start to reminisce about Christmases of the past, of them together in Marbella – which is not what anyone, especially Ian or Elaine, want to hear on Christmas Day!” said show boss Chris Clenshaw in a recent discussion about these upcoming scenes.

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