Spoilers for Emmerdale: Kim’s choice to die, Rhona’s high pregnancy risk, and the danger of an affair

Danger in the Dales is being caused by hidden desires. (Image: ITV)

Next week, a number of Emmerdale residents will be playing with fire as Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) finds it impossible to stop her passionate relationship with Caleb Miligan (William Ash) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) finds it impossible to stop her blossoming bond with baby Ivy.

Because of Tracy and Caleb’s continued irresponsible risk-taking, which results in a few near-misses, Caleb schemes against Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), who is unaware of his actions.

In another instance, Rhona has hidden agendas when she offers heartbroken Gus her support. While Rhona spends time cuddling Ivy and falls in love with her baby, the tired father finds it difficult to manage.

She appears set to lose it all when an enraged Gus throws her out, but she isn’t going to give up.

In other news, Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) battles his illness, while Kim Tate (Claire King) believes it might be time to tell Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) the truth about Craig.

Monday, December 4th

Matty struggles with Mack’s interrogation. (Image: ITV)

Rhona is in the hospital, and she watches Gus drive off from her car.

Infatuated A gullible Nicky interrupts Tracy and Caleb as they are in the depths of love.

When a melancholy Mackenzie directly asks Matty whether Amy knows where Reuben is, Matty becomes tense.

Tuesday, December 5th

Gus battles with Ivy, the infant (Image: ITV)

Rhona’s actions quickly cause Mary and Marlon to become suspicious. When Mary finds out that Rhona has been meeting Ivy in secret at the hospital, she is startled.

Rhona, meanwhile, sneaks about the hospital in an attempt to reach Ivy.

When overwhelmed Gus comes, she hastily hides, but Gus is taken aback to see Rhona and Mary in the hospital.

Later, when Marlon presses Rhona with further questions, she breaks down and admits to meeting Ivy after receiving a stern look from Mary.

Tracy looks through a lingerie website, but when Nate complements her when he gets home, she feels bad.

Wednesday December 6

Marlon is concerned about Rhona and her relationship with Ivy (Image: ITV).

Rhona knows she’s taking a chance by bringing supplies to Gus, therefore she feels awful about it. Later, she approaches Gus’s front door with a nervous Mary.

Lackluster Shaken, Gus looks at them. When Gus offers to help, an excited Rhona enters right away, but before he can wake up, she seizes the chance to rock a dozing Ivy.

When he wakes up and orders them to go, Gus becomes enraged, and Mary becomes worried upon seeing Rhona carrying Ivy.

Sam interrupts Tracy as she is about to close the shop door to have some alone time with Caleb, spoiling the moment.

Nate smiles and pulls out Tracy’s present from his house. When Nate woos Tracy with a compliment, Tracy melts. The two go upstairs.

Later, solitary Caleb muses on whether to text Tracy when he’s feeling ecstatic and in love. When Nate and Tracy get there, Tracy attempts to look away from Caleb. What Caleb sees does not please him.

Thursday, December 7.

Caleb’s jealousy gets the better of him (picture: ITV)

When Caleb sees Tracy and Nate holding hands, he rushes to step in and uses his influence to have time with Tracy alone so he can ask her why she hasn’t responded to his message.

At the pub, a jealous Caleb comes up with a chore for Nate to perform because he can’t stand to hear about his plans for a day of fun with Tracy.

As Nate heads to the Mill, Caleb and Tracy are soon back in a passionate hug.

Lydia is suffering from a lot of unresolved issues over Craig’s strange death, and Kim is thinking of coming clean with her.

December 8, Friday
The chemistry that exists between Victoria and Jacob is too strong for her to ignore. He’s thrilled when he succeeds in persuading her that ending their relationship’s secrecy will make things simpler.

Manpreet does her hardest to console Brenda and Pollard throughout their difficult time accepting Pollard’s prognosis that would change their lives.

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