Laurence Emmerdale A “dangerous” Christmas twist for Mack is revealed by Robb.

The problems are far from finished (Image: ITV).

The Emmerdale triangle between Charity (Emma Atkins), Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), and Chloe (Jessie Elland) has taken many turns, but ultimately, Mackenzie and Charity are together now.

However, Mackenzie is going through hell since Chloe took baby Reuben and the two of them disappeared, far from being blissfully happy at last.

The actor who portrays Mackenzie is one individual who believes the character has received precisely what he deserves.

“I have no sympathy at all,” Lawrence Robb said to us. He makes such awful decisions, and most of the time there is just no chance of recovery.

He is a tremendous amount of joy to play with. Do I, however, support 99% of his actions? Not at all.

Mackenzie is still looking for his kid frantically in the run-up to Christmas, and his desperation drives him to act recklessly.

Mack gets an idea when Matty (Ash Palmisciano) eventually shows sympathy for him and informs him that Chloe and Reuben are doing well and that he and Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) will be visiting them.

Chloe disappeared after being dumped by Mack (Picture: ITV)

[Mackenzie and Charity] devise a strategy to pursue them. However, Amy spots them, as Lawrence stated.

In an attempt to con Chloe into going to a park or other location he knows of, he takes Amy’s phone and sends her texts. That is his strategy to either see or get Reuben back.

His ploy fails when he refers to Charity as a “baby” in his messageā€”a term of affection that Charity uses more frequently. Upon receiving his message, Chloe becomes suspicious and replies that he will never see his son again.

Naturally, this plot has been around for a while and goes all the way back to the moment when Mackenzie and Chloe had a one-night affair, which resulted in the conception of Reuben.

When Chloe and their kid left the hamlet, Mack was devastated (Picture: ITV).

Laurence remarked, “Over the past year, Emma, Jessie, and I have all been gifted with such a dramatic plot, and we’ve really loved getting to grips and terms with how that’s all played out.” “We are quite fortunate to have been able to do that.”

Lawrence was giving away no clues about what his character would be up to over the Christmas season, although he did provide one intriguing hint:

He indicated, “This Christmas, the teaser will be: frigid, harsh, painful, hazardous, dynamic, crucial.”

This has made us believe that Chloe’s father, who we know has a dark and terrible criminal past, can’t be a coincidence since we are about to see him for the first time.

We know that he was quite controlling with Chloe and that people are terrified of him, so it stands to reason that when she reaches out to him, we will see him supporting Chloe in his own special manner, Emmerdale executive Laura Shaw said.

Will Mackenzie be able to use his words to get out of this one? I believe it’s safe to assume that the consequences of that will linger well into the new year and beyond, but we’ll have to wait and see.

It seems like Mackenzie is going to be faced with an abundance of new challenges.

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