Scene-shaking preview for Emmerdale: Rhona goes over and beyond in her attempts to bond with little Ivy.

After baby Ivy is born, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) in Emmerdale is going through a tough moment.

When Marlon (Mark Charnock) disclosed that Rhona’s ex-boyfriend Gus had taken her frozen embryo so that his new lover Lucy could become pregnant, Rhona’s world completely crashed. Rhona went to confront Gus and Lucy while she was still struggling and spoke her feelings about the horrible atrocity Gus had perpetrated.

When talking about this plot, Zoe Henry recently remarked, “learning that this kid you said no to is going to be born imminently, and then it being born.”

“How could someone survive that and not be profoundly impacted by it?” she pressed. “He’s stolen and lied, and it’s agony.”

Shortly after giving birth, Lucy passed away (Picture: ITV)

They were attempting to escape, and they very likely would have done so if Marlon hadn’t noticed them.

The idea that your child is out there someplace and you don’t get to be a part of its life—I don’t know, I think it’s probably right that she knows—may seem like it would be easier if she didn’t know.

The argument abruptly stopped as Lucy went into labor. Lucy was helped into the car by Gus, who was then driven to the hospital by Rhona.

Rhona was left in a difficult situation where she was just the baby’s biological mother and not her legal one after Lucy tragically passed away after Ivy was born.

Rhona’s growing devoted to (Image: ITV)

Having to take care of a newborn on his alone, in addition to the sadness over Lucy’s passing, is a huge struggle for Gus.

He needs all the assistance he can get, and Rhona and Mary (Louise Jameson) provide it in this new video.

The mother and daughter carry suitcases as they approach Gus’s residence. Gus tells Rhona that he already requested her to keep away as soon as he gets to the door.

Gus is informed by Rhona that he could use their assistance, and she suggests that they unload their luggage and make him some tea.

Clearly worn out Gus grants Mary and Rhona permission to enter.

Although Rhona is being helpful to Gus, is this a risk?

Is she growing closer to Ivy during this process?

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