Spoilers for Coronation Street: Daniel’s “blind wrath” breaks out as he sets Ryan up for a trap

Daniel will soon find out about Daisy and Ryan’s adultery (Image: ITV)

In forthcoming moments on Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) will finally reveal Ryan Connor’s (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) adultery.

After sending Daniel a link to a video clip of Daisy and Ryan having an embarrassing chat, Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) discovers out they had sex behind his back.

After learning of the truth, Daniel is furious and quickly uses Simon’s apartment keys to enter Ryan’s bedroom in an attempt to exact retribution. But what exactly is Daniel planning to do there?

When Daniel realized the truth, actor Rob Mallard said, “He was pretty stunned at first.”

“He let doubt creep in and believed he was maybe simply being paranoid, even though he was suspicious before and was in fact aware of the facts.”

“What he felt at first was disbelief, and then blind wrath, to have it reversed on a dime and really have the proof right there in front of him.”

When Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) was in a similar situation, Daniel proved to be a comforting presence and a kind of advisor—though Rob clarified that Daniel doesn’t heed his own counsel.

“I think Daniel is a little stuck because he will want two things at the same time—his dignity and Daisy. He will want his dignity, which would require him to leave Daisy, but he also wants Daisy.”
When Daniel finds out that Ryan has decided not to move to Glasgow with Crystal, things get much worse. Daniel is already having a hard time coping with the news that Ryan is changing his mind.

“I believe that at that time, he goes to war with Ryan in a psychological sense, but he doesn’t actually fight Ryan since everything is directed at Daisy.” Without really saying it out loud, his whole point is to convey to Daisy as plainly as he can what she could have if she decides to pick him.

Daniel discovers a damning video (Image: ITV)

In an effort to win Daisy over, Daniel makes an offer on a Red Bank apartment and even begins to consider purchasing the tavern for her in the upcoming weeks.

Daniel is aggressive, but he isn’t always a fighter. When anything upsets him or something he loves about deeply, he will fight, but he isn’t so irrationally angry that using his fists is his first inclination.

More than anything, I believe Ryan needs to keep an eye out for the long-term plans. Daniel would be far more inclined, in my opinion, to set traps for Ryan to fall into.

Will Daniel ever be able to trust Daisy again, knowing that he is about to take action against Ryan?

I believe it would be very hard to forgive someone if they have proven to you that they are capable of lying to you, as Daisy has done.

You could believe that you can go back, but you’ll always be wary, doubt everything that person says, and question whether they’re really where they say they would be. Thus, I believe that Daniel and Daisy’s future is regrettably that.

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