Spoilers for EastEnders: A “devastating” surprise will cause Keanu Taylor’s entire world to be “crushed”

Keanu is going to go broke. (Image: Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes / BBC)

According to actor Danny Walters, Keanu Taylor will be “crushed” in EastEnders when it is finally discovered that Albie Watts is not his biological kid.

In a shocking turn of events, Sharon (Letitia Dean) learned for herself last month on BBC One that Keanu is not the father of her three-year-old kid, despite the results of a prior paternity test.

As fans will remember, Sharon had a passionate relationship with Keanu in 2018 when she was still married to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). This implies that Keanu is Albie’s biological father.

Keanu tells his son that Albie is real, but he doesn’t know anything about it. After giving it some thought, Sharon decided against telling Phil the truth since she thought Keanu would be a better father to her son than Phil could ever be.

However, we are discussing EastEnders here. Even if Sharon would want to keep the facts private, it will eventually surface.

What remains to be seen is Keanu’s exact response.

Actor Danny Walters told us, “I believe his whole world would be shattered if Keanu ever found out.” “It would be heartbreaking and so awful.”

Will Keanu discover the reality? (Image: Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes / BBC)

When everything comes to light, Sharon will undoubtedly have some explaining to do, but she isn’t the only one with a secret; Keanu orchestrated Albie’s kidnapping lately in an attempt to stop Sharon from taking the little child abroad.

He quickly came to regret his choice after witnessing Sharon’s anguish over losing her kid, with Karen (Lorraine Stanley) emerging as the victor by making sure Albie made it home without incident.

But the truth will come out, as we have already proved.

Keanu is unaware that Albie, the adored child, is actually Phil Mitchell’s son (Image: BBC).

“What she doesn’t know won’t damage her,” is how I believe Keanu is thinking as he tries to pull the ignorance is bliss card. uttered Danny.

Keanu always thought of it as something he was doing for the greater good because his primary goal was to get his son. He’s not a bad guy; he simply makes terrible choices, and regrettably, his love for Albie won out. Keanu wishes to keep this a secret and never allow it to be discovered.

I’ve always portrayed the character as someone who acts without thinking beforehand and makes bad decisions along the way. He follows his emotions a lot.

“Keanu realized how much Sharon and Albie mean to him as a package and he doesn’t want to let any of them go,” the actor said. “Keanu did feel absolutely, sincerely sorry for the emotional harm that he had brought to Sharon through that process.”

“After everything, he realizes how much he loves Sharon, so even though the harm is done, it’s still bittersweet.”

The one to catch is on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Monday, December 11 at 7:30 p.m.

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